Avanquest demos Phone EcoSystem (MWC)

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If you were thinking online applications to do phonebook sync with your phone were great things, prepare yourselves people.

Avanquest is presenting now a modulable ecosystem with a PC application (to manage your phone contents) together with an online and device applications to get all your life at the same place including all your fun stuffs you usually do on other websites (like facebook, My space, RSS feeds, Music podcasting, blogging, etc...), mean you can access all your preferred websites as well as value added services on a unique, customized and well designed portal, in parrallel of that a module market will be available to end users to get more modules and services as well as developpers to propose new applications for the online portal and PC application.

This ecosystem will also opens the doors to third part services and web applications developpers in the future
There's a live demo at MWC (Hall 1 - Booth 1B59) as well as picture on previous article, and please, try to contain yourselves ;-)

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