Samsung Electronics Q3 2008 results...

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Q3 Results:

Handset Shipment: 51.8M units
13% ↑ QoQ
22% ↑ YoY

- Quarterly shipment exceeded 50M units for the first time
despite slowdown in 3Q global market growth (5% QoQ)

- Increased sales of strategic models in each segment
(More models of 1M+ units quarterly shipment)
∙ Touchscreen/Smartphone(F480/Instinct), Entry phones (C260, B130)
∙ E250 : Accumulated global sales of 30million units

ASP:  $143 Æ $135 (5.6%↓QoQ)
- Decreased portion of domestic sales with higher ASP

Q4 Business Outlook

Handset Market (Global):

• Expect quarterly growth of approx. 10% from seasonal demand
(less than traditional Q4 seasonal growth)
     - Developed Market: Operator promotions targeting Christmas holiday demand 
     - Emerging Market:  National Day (in China), Year-end promotions

• Intense competition within the high-end segment to continue
     - Smartphone, Touchscreen phone, Camera-phone (8-Megapixel)

Samsung Market:

• Expect to achieve annual sales target of 200M units

• Launch strategic models for each region and
actively support promotions during peak season 
     - Developed Market: New high-end and operator specific models Co-sponsored promotions with operators
           ∙ M8800 (8Megapixel)
           ∙ A767(Smartphone, US)
           ∙ Armani Phone
     - Emerging Market: Continue to expand distribution channels & launch new models targeting mass market
           ∙ E1000 etc. (Bar Type)

Source: Samsung Report (pdf)

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